Essential Tips for Fire-rated Door Installation

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Home renovation is never an easy task with any house, especially so with the various regulations and requirements stipulated by HDB. However, they are an essential stepping stone to securing your dream home. Some doors require to be fire-rated by the HDB, and any fire-rated doors sold in Singapore are required to be tested to prevent catastrophic accidents.

A licensed contractor is also required to install the door itself, so be on the lookout for these certifications when door hunting. If renovations are overwhelming your brain and browser, look no further for we have collated some of the most important tips to keep your home safe.

Do I Need a Fire-rated Door?

Fire-rated doors come in both metal and wood, and are certified based on the duration at which they can resist fire. Most residential fire-rated doors come in two varieties, half-hour and 1-hour fire-rated. Industrial doors might run up to being 4-hour fire-rated, but that might be a tad extreme for your home.

These doors are a must for certain homes based on their location. No, not because Jurong is more fire prone since there are more factories nearby. Not because the East is nearer to Pasir Gudang, Johor and risks catching fire either. If your main door entrance is situated along the fire exit, such as being adjacent to a staircase, then it has to be minimally half-hour fire rated.

Secondly, fire-rated doors are a must if your home comes pre-installed with an existing fire-rated door. Changing these doors requires an HDB licensed company, or you could face a $5000 fine. I’m sure no new homeowner would want another hole in their wallet, so be extra sure that your contractor is properly certified and safe!

Would my Door Look be Compromised?

The term fire-rated door might be daunting for those who are particular about interior aesthetic. In fact, fire-rated doors are proofed based on their coating and safety features, such as having a smoke seal, tested hinges and being coated in fire-resistant material. Fear not! The door’s design itself does not have to be compromised, so your door won’t look straight from a factory.

Last Words

In short, your HDB might require a fire-rated door based on its location relative to fire escapes, or if it already comes with an existing fire-rated door. Additionally, the installation of the door also has to be done by HDB certified professionals.

Our advice: stick with a professional fire-rated door supplier like SG Doors who knows about these regulations better than you and me, and focus on more pressing matters in your renovation!Take the plunge and read up more with a certified installer for accurate information!

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