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Hand-tufted carpets are those carpet that are created without tying any knot. Through a canvas, a tufting gun shoots strands of wool. Unlike those carpets that take a long time, this hand-tufted carpet takes very little time to develop. Hand-tufted carpet is affordable and greatly decreases the cost of production.

Types of hand-Tufted carpet

In Hand-tufted carpets, there are various types of carpet patterns and designs and they give more options to choose from. There are fashionable designs, contemporary, Persian designs, and printed tufted carpets. In all other types of carpet hand, tufted wool carpets are by far the most popular and most produced type of carpet. In our hand-tufted carpets, Wool and silk are quite a popular mixture.

Modern Tufted carpets

Amongst the tufted modern tufted carpets are the most ongoing patterns. In geometrical patterns, these carpets are designed specially.

Persian Tufted Rugs

A great substitute for hand-knotted Persian carpets is a hand-tufted Persian carpet. Compared to the hand-knotted these are not only beautiful but are also inexpensive. In the world of flooring, hand-knotted Persian carpets are one of the most appreciated and demanded carpets. But unfortunately, these carpets are very inexpensive and not everyone can afford these royal carpets

Benefits of Hand Tufted carpet

We discuss some of the benefits of this area carpet.

Quick production: it takes very little time to produce. An average rug sizing 8×10′ can take up to 5-10 days (excluding dying of wool) to complete

Inexpensive – While hand-knotted area rugs are expensive, hand-tufted carpets can come at a very low price.

Durable – Hand-tufted area carpets do last for a long. But they are as durable as hand-knotted carpets.

Shape and size – they also come in small and very large sizes. These carpets also come in all shapes like round, square triangles, animal figures, and birds.

Colors – it is also made from plenty of colors. You can also choose the color that decorates your room more beautifully and enhances it. These carpets easily match the walls or the curtains.

Carries all types of designs – they are also made in many designs and patterns other than colors and shapes. This carpet is also a duplicate of the hand-knotted rug. Hand-tufted carpets can carry up-to-date, old-style as well as fashionable designs.

How To Clean Hand-Tufted carpet

Let’s discuss a few easy steps you can take to clean hand-tufted area carpet.

  • To avoid soil accumulation vacuum the carpet regularly. To keep the rug looking fresh and new vacuum at least 1-2 times a month
  • With a paper towel first blot the stain that will clean the stain. Blot and turn the carpet upside down if there is excessive wet stain. This will inhibit the stain from evasion deeper into the fiber and to its backing.
  • In a bucket pour cold water and mix any dish-washing soap or shampoo in it.
  • Into the mixture, soak a piece of white cloth/towel. Now to clean the stain, rub it on the carpet surface.
  • Till the stain disappears repeat this process.
  • Leave it to dehydrate.

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