Here Are The 4 Types Of Tests You Can Do Before Choosing A Payment Gateway

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You have established an online business that sells goods and services, and your website features a payment gateway that verifies and authorizes payments for transactions made by customers using their credit cards, debit cards, or online banking accounts. A payment gateway is a type of e-commerce system that encrypts payment details, approves payments, and safely transmits information among buyers and sellers. The use of a payment gateway is the most efficient method for startups to assemble payments. This is because it manages the entire payment procedure as well as offers a variety of payment choices to choose from. The verification, authorization, as well as back-and-forth transfer of funds at each level, whenever and wherever it is necessary. Here we will be discussing the payment gateway test cases– 

Payment gateway testing: What to know?

Testing plays an important part in the process of developing a payment gateway or modernizing an existing one, as well as in the subsequent implementation of the gateway. It helps validate a large number of essential issues that impact the functionality, security, as well as performance of the program before it is put into production. All of these factors have a significant impact on the degree to which customers are satisfied with the quality of the services that your firm delivers. Here 4 test cases for payment gateway- 

1. Functional Testing

 Functional testing is anticipated for more modern, less established payment gateways to verify that the application functions in accordance with the instructions given to it. This form of testing among the test cases for payment gateway ensures that the gateway is fully functioning and that all of its components are operating correctly. This helps to confirm that both the application page as well as the gateway are functioning properly. It may be possible that this kind of verification isn’t necessary for payment processors who have a better-established reputation. For instance, it processes orders, computations, and charges, together with a variety of other things, which is precisely how it ought to be done.

  • Formats for both the language and the currency
  • Notification following the failed transaction, either through message or letter, for both the client as well as the merchant.
  • Notification following the completion of the transaction, either by a message or through the mail, for both the consumer and also the merchant. After the consumer has completed the checkout process and the payment has been confirmed, the customer is directed back to the website.

2. Security Testing 

The purpose of security testing in test cases for payment gateway is to verify that all of the information that is being handled by the program is secured from a variety of vulnerabilities, including cyber assaults, that it is encoded, and that this is being safely communicated. The following is a list of some examples of components that are tested during security inspections:

  • Phishing, cross-site scripting attempts, and SQL injections can’t get through the gateway since it’s protected against them all.
  • The program has both an authorization management system and user roles.
  • At each stage of the transaction, all of the necessary SSL certificates are loaded and implemented.

3. Integrations testing 

The next apparent item that should be considered test cases for payment gateway is the integration of your payment gateway with such a variety of credit cards and financial institutions. This mostly encompasses the online services that are connected to the various bank servers, and as a result, it involves the following points:

  • Is it able to establish a connection with the appropriate bank or financial service?
  • Does it send and receive the correct information to or from the banking server, and does it do so in the appropriate format?
  • Is it able to handle the proper amount in the correct currency format when coming from the banking server?
  • Does it finish the task in its entirety on time and in the proper order?

 4. Performance testing 

It is essential to do performance testing on the website. When a large number of customers all want to complete their purchases at the same time, it is imperative that the payment process not get corrupted in any way. It is among the top test cases for payment gateway, and it is anticipated that the number of customers will be increased above a certain threshold level to, in fact, investigate the functionality of the payment gateway.

  • Components of load balancing are configured in a certain manner.
  • Memory, a network server, as well as sufficient space, are required for correct operation.
  • Working in a variety of diverse situations.
  • Performance in conditions in which several users are attempting to finish their transactions at the very same time.

Test engineers should put a gateway through its paces utilizing a predetermined number of simulated payment scenarios and actual payment transactions before employing the gateway for actual financial transactions. To begin, let’s begin by defining these terms to better comprehend the distinction between them. 


Any feature or capability that has to be tested is referred to as a test scenario, and a test scenario might have more than one test case. The test cases for payment gateway are a predetermined series of steps that are carried out to verify that the feature functions as expected. You will find a rundown of the several possibilities that might arise during the examination underneath.


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