Some Points of Difference Between a Rollerball Point Pen and a Ballpoint Pen

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Many people are there who choose pen with low viscosity and some are there who like pen with high viscosity. Also available on the market are liquid and oil-based pens. Now, whether you are looking for a pen for yourself or to give to the customer, you must definitely be wondering or having this query on your mind: what is exactly the distinction between a ballpoint pen and a rollerball pen? Many people are so busy that they don’t have the time or resources to find out which is the best pen for them. So, here in this guide, you will learn about the best pen that is currently available on the market and the differences between certain kinds of pens that you should know.

The Best Pen

The best pen which you can use, which is available in the market is the scriveiner pen. Besides that, the main point of difference between the rollerball pens and the ball-point pens is that the rollerball pens use inks that are water-based, so the writing is sharper and more vibrant. Whereas a ballpoint pen is concerned, the ballpoint pen uses oil-based ink, and the writing is lighter and more thoughtful. There are several benefits of both the pens and each pen is suitable accordingly and according to the writing situation. One of the reasons why the ballpoint pen is preferred by so many is because the ink dries fast, doesn’t smudge, will not leak through the paper, comes in moderate amounts, and therefore, the cartridge lasts longer.

About the Unique Rollerball Point Pen:

Next, reason is that, the ball point pen is also less expensive. Whereas, those who prefer the roller ball pen should know that the ink has its own sui generis advantages. The ink flow is consistent and doesn’t skip. In a rollerball point pen, you require less pressure which means that there will be no hand fatigue and the writing will be quick. You get rollerball ball point pens with wide range of colours in water soluble dyes. Plus, you will always see a clearer line. Now, there are many people who don’t know the viscosity. So, the main point of difference between the ballpoint pen and rollerball pen is the viscosity. Viscosity would mean the flow rate of the liquid or ink from the pen.

Viscosity of the Pens

The rollerball pen ink is a water-based liquid, whereas the ballpoint pen ink is an oil-based ink or liquid. So, the point of difference is that, in a water-based ink, the ink is thinner, has a lower viscosity, and flows faster. whereas the oil-based inks are thicker and have a higher viscosity, and they flow slower. So, this makes the rollerball pen ink more vivid. It means that more ink flows, which means that the paper is soaked. But it is also slow to dry and easy to smudge. Some of the best rollerball pens that you can have is, The Deluxe Madison Pen with Gift Box. Also, there are some good ballpoint pens that you will like; for instance, the Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus is one of the best-selling ballpoint pens. Also, you can find some good reviews of these pens.

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