Tips for Passing A2 Level English

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The examiner will test your English. He or she will ask basic communication questions which you have to answer. Spoken English will be divided into four different parts. There is 2 person who will give a spoken English exam at the same time. The candidate will be you and one more person. When we tell you means the same thing to another candidate. A2 English test fee is not more expensive.

Tips and Ideas 

Task 1

  • Listen properly what the examiner is telling and what the question he or she is asking. You have to answer in your terms. There is no need that the answer will be the same for everybody. So you have to improve your English properly which the other person can hear and understand properly. Do not say any word on sentence which you do not know the meaning and never told before. Because the meaning can be something else and the examiner will decrease your score to pass. Tell only the words you know the meaning of.
  • Before going for exam practice it and speak loudly, you can speak English in front of the mirror so that you will have confidence while speaking in front of anybody. Try to speak English with your family members or any other people who you mostly hang out with them. The examiner may ask questions like what work do you do and what are your hobbies what your family members do. These basic questions they may ask.

Task 2

  • You have to tell the sequence of the picture. The people in the office will give you a sheet. In that sheet, there will be a picture sequence. There will be four pictures of the story. You have 10 minutes to prepare. You have to tell the sequence of the story in your view.
  • While writing the story, do not write the full story. Write keywords; then you will have a high chance of passing the exam directly. In normal school exam, also teacher sees keywords because keywords can describe the story properly. By the help of keyword, your sentence will become less, and you will finish the exam fast. You may have a dictionary when you see the dictionary do not use all words. Use words which match with the story sequence so you can easily write and the examiner can easily understand. To pass easily, you have to talk to yourself and see what the things are going around you are.

Task 3

  • The examiner will take to you an informal way that can you understand or not. If you want, you can informally answer the questions also—this a normal conversation between you and your examiner.

Task 4

  • If you are having a conversation, so make it a little longer so that your impression will be good in the examiner’s mind. In this, you will use formal English. Formal English is used in an office where you will talk to your boss or manager. Try to practice English speaking more so you will become very fluent. The best advice is to see things around you and try to speak or write the situation because there will be questions asked about present things. Have English tuition in Singapore now.


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