What Does A Blue Rose Mean?

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Rose, one of the iconic flowers in the whole world, can be seen in the painting, novels, and storybooks. Rose is also known as a romantic flower and a common gift to give to your loved ones or someone you hold dearly in your heart, whether it is your mother, father, sister, brother, nephew, cousin, etc.

Blue Rose was something that is used as another form to show a wistful, imaginative free piece of mind. At another point, Blue Rose was also identified as a Holy Grail. Some other people say Blue Rose as a showing of inner feelings of love at first sight, or some other states it as unrequited love.

When you give a Blue Rose to your loved ones, they will appreciate it as Blue Rose’s rareness that can represent your true love towards them. Or if you gave a blue rose to someone you like but don’t know them, it can be a good option as the flower also expresses a mysterious and intrigued person. If you give it to a beloved one after you both married, it could be a sign of a new start, the new beginning of life with someone whom you hold dear.

Rose also has many different colors representing any kind of expression they gave. In this article, I would like to emphasize Blue Rose’s meaning.

The blue color is known to have many means. In Catholicism, blue was known as Mother of God Mary colors. In Jewish, the Blue Star of David symbolizes the people. The blue color itself gives a serenity feeling. The dark blue color means thoughts. The lighter blue color means sensitive feelings. Blue Rose can also be applied to a bride who is preparing for her big day. While the Blue Rose itself draws people’s attention, the beautiful bride will be seen by many audiences who attend her big day.

Blue Rose is a flower that does not exist. It’s because delphinidin or a pigment to make blue color for flowers are not in roses. That’s why people dye a White Rose with blue paint. Even though we can’t find Blue Roses in nature, we can enjoy them in love tales or some other fairy tales in pictures. Also, many different stories have Blue Rose in the background.

Blue Rose in the old days

There is an old Chinese Folklore about an Emperor’s daughter who is getting married. Her father gives freedom to his daughter to choose a suitable partner for her. The Emperor’s daughter said she would marry a man who could get her a Blue Rose. Although it sounds impossible, many of the candidates are trying to win her heart.

A wealthy merchant tells a florist to get him blue painted color roses. When the merchant shows it to the princess, she finds out that it’s fake because the paint was dripping off her hand. “This is not a Blue Rose. I won’t marry you”, she said to the rich merchant.

The other candidate tells a stone carver to make him a Blue Rose, using a Sapphire as its material. The stone carver then gives him the fake Blue Rose, and the suitor hands it to the princess. “These aren’t Blue Rose! I won’t marry a man like you who has a heart as hard as a stone”, she said.

Yet another sly candidate finds a magician to craft him a Blue Rose, the magician gives the man a medium-sized box inside an illusive picture of a Blue Rose and presents it to the princess. The princess tries to take the Blue Rose out of the box, but her hand is passing through the fake Blue Rose when she does that. “I won’t marry a man full of trickery like you,” she said.

After some time passed. On the same day, the princess goes to the garden, meets the gardener’s son, and says that she wishes she could marry the man who knew each other, trusted each other, and held her dear. “I will give you a Blue Rose tomorrow,” he said to the princess. The next day, he brings the princess a White Rose. The whole audience is whispering and looking with a funny expression toward the man, but when the princess touches the rose, she smiles and says, “this is a fine Blue Rose.” The Emperor hears that and says, “if my daughter says it is a Blue Rose, then so be it, I give thy my blessing.” The princess and the gardener’s son marry and live peacefully till the end.

Blue Rose in the present day

In the times of expert technology, the scientist was trying to modify the gene inside a White Rose to make a Blue Rose, most of them were purple colored or blue but with tints of red. In 2008, there was a claim that the modification was successful, and a Blue Rose sold in Japan, most of it was the same as before, blue but with tints of red and only looked somehow blue. Even breeding by conventional hybridization methods only resulting in lilac color such as the Blue Moon.

Nowadays, artificial Blue Rose can be found in a restaurant, coffee shop, café, bar, or even a hotel. You can even buy it online as some stores in Singapore, such as Suntec Florist, sell Blue Roses. Those online stores may provide gift delivery Singapore service so you don’t have to go through the hassle of going to an actual store and deliver the present yourself. The blue flower looks more beautiful when made into bouquets. The blue color pops when it’s placed at a dark but shiny spot inside a café, bar, or coffee shop.

As we may know, that rose was a flower that is commonly given to our loved ones. It can be to congratulate them for work, surprise them for a special occasion, or make it a routine when you meet with your loved ones. A rose is one of the best gifts to give.

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