4 Mistakes You Can Make While Installing CCTV Cameras

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Cameras have been protecting both residential and commercial spaces for decades. As a building manager or owner, you should consider adding CCTV as a safety measure within your premises. You can not only check your space whenever you want to, but you can also record and playback footage whenever an incident arises. The modern CCTV camera in Singapore has many features which make it a staple of security systems.

Are you planning to perform a CCTV installation for your Singapore building? Your CCTV camera system will perform best if they are installed properly. What are some common mistakes of CCTV installation you should avoid?

1) You placed cameras too low to the ground. If you do this, cameras will not have as wide of a vision range as they should be. Cameras are placed higher to capture more space and be out of reach of vandals and thieves too. Place them at least 8 feet off the ground.

2) You don’t consider a backup power source for your camera. Power outages can cause vulnerabilities in your security system. Check out your CCTV surveillance system in Singapore and see if you can add an additional power source.

3) You forgot to waterproof connective wires and other parts of the system. Even if your CCTV system only covers indoor grounds, you never know what could happen. Someone malicious could try to sabotage your system using water. Or an accident could occur.

4) You don’t invest in good camera software. What’s the point of a CCTV system in Singapore if you don’t invest in equally good software? Your software helps you process, record, and see images from your cameras.

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