Advantages And Disadvantages Of Maths Tuition Classes In Singapore

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There are tons of reasons why parents send their children to amath tuition centre in Singapore. Students need a more understandable approach to maths lessons to grasp theories better. Others attend tuition classes to get advanced lessons, while others use them to prepare for important exams.

Whatever the reasons, parents should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of math tuition in Singapore:

ADVANTAGE: Personalised teaching

Students have different learning styles, and schools do not necessarily cater for each. The good thing about an A math tuition centre is they apply different teaching approaches and techniques, depending on the student’s learning styles.

For example, during the class, tutors may use visual aids, such as graphs and diagrams, to teach visual learners. On the other hand, tutors can teach maths theories by applying them to physical activities for kinesthetic learners.

DISADVANTAGE: Can be misinterpreted as study time

Many students misinterpret classes from the best math tuition centre in Singapore as a substitute for personal study time. But the truth is, it is not. Students still need to study on their own, but it does not mean tutoring is ineffective. Studying on your own develops self-reliance. It is not advisable to rely on tutorial classes alone.

ADVANTAGE: Fewer distractions

Large school classes can be full of distractions. If you want your kid to have a laser focus on their studies, you can enrol them in math tuition in Singapore.

The average number of students in a tutorial class is 15 students. Meanwhile, parents also have the option to get a private tutor who can conduct a one-on-one tutoring session with the student.

DISADVANTAGE: Extra responsibility for students

Although education is a must, students should still have time to have fun. Indeed tutoring classes can consume your child’s time for other things, such as socialisation, resting, and other extracurricular activities.

It is a challenge for parents to find the balance between the academics and social life of their children at a young age. After all, bonding with other kids is still crucial for development.

ADVANTAGE: Improved self-confidence

Constantly failing the exams can chip away at your child’s confidence. In addition to low grades, not meeting peers, parents, and their self-expectations can make a student feel low.

But through tutoring classes, the student can gradually improve their performance at school. They will begin to build their self-confidence once they see positive results in their performance.

Is math tuition in Singapore worth it?

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