Hear My Story About What Is Like Attending A Top International School In Singapore

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Receiving an excellent education from kindergarten school to college is an invaluable treasure. As you already know, not everyone in the world can have it. But thanks to my hardworking parents, I had a solid foundation from a young age and have become a top international student in Singapore. 

My journey to reach where I am today has been through several ups and downs. The international school tuition fee in Singapore did not stop me from my dream—to attend an international school, and I hope, eventually, I can give my parents the better life they deserve. 

Why I Chose This Top International School In Singapore

In my opinion, Singapore is flourishing because of its rigorous and well-crafted education system. If I want to improve my knowledge and skills, this top international school in Singapore will give me all the challenges that I need to grow. 

The COVID-19 pandemic did not deter me, though. I put my best effort into learning every lesson from both in-person and online classes.

My First Impression Of NPS International School

I recall being thrilled and terrified when I initially moved here because I was essentially starting a new life from scratch in a place where I had no one. My parents cannot afford to come with me, but their never-ending support has reached me. 

On my first day of class, I learned that NPS is one of the international schools in East Singapore, and many successful professionals have studied here. Given that there is always a pop quiz and extracurricular activities, it is not surprising that this intuition was able to produce skilled experts. 

My Advice For An Upcoming International School Student In Singapore

To anyone considering studying abroad or wanting to enrol your child in one of the international preschools in Singapore, my piece of advice is to go for it! Making this choice will help transform your life forever and hopefully for the better. 

No matter how challenging it is to adjust to a new way of life, I am confident that these recent years have been the best of my life. While I cannot speak to all of the top international school students in Singapore, I (personally) feel that overcoming the challenges will help lead you in the right direction. 

To help you adjust as an upcoming international student, below are some of my tips that can help maximise your time at this school. 


Immerse Yourself With The Culture 

Singapore may be a diverse country, but its culture remains intact. Becoming familiar with the culture will help you understand the common sense of society, which can help you build connections with others. 

Join A Study Group

Studying alone is okay, but you can learn more and better with the help of others. In my case, I joined a study group with my top international school classmates in Singapore. That choice helped me get good grades. 

Carry An English-Mandarin Dictionary

As a foreigner, grasping the two major languages (English and Mandarin) used in Singapore will help you converse well with people around you, especially with your classmates. 

Besides my point of view as a student, you will learn more about the top international school in Singapore by visiting its website. It contains a lot of information, from the programmes to the words of those who graduated. 

Check out NPS International School’s website and find out more about what they offer. 

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