Can CBD Pain Cream Really Help To Relieve Discomfort?

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Cannabidiol or CBD is a kind of active substance which is extracted from the marijuana plant. It has been approved by the FDA in many countries and there are some claims that it can help relieve pain, inflammation or insomnia. But there is no scientific evidence of these claims that CBD can help to relieve pain, so this article will give an overview of the many studies done with CBD based on first-hand knowledge from people who have tried it for themselves from the List of CBD Creams for Pain Relief.

There are two main types of products using CBD which are oil-based creams and food supplements. People who use creams apply them to their skin for a few minutes each night before going to sleep. The CBD products which are pills or drops are usually taken as needed throughout the day. There is no known difference between the two forms of CBD on how powerful it is for pain relief and how effective it is at relieving inflammation and there are no reported safety concerns with either form.

What Are The Research Results On CBD Used To Relieve Pain?

The first scientific study to look at using a CBD based cream to relieve pain was published in 1974. This study looked at 23 people who had involuntarily arthritis of their knees. All of them had an injection of CBD as part of their pain control treatment and they all experienced significant pain relief, within three hours after the injection. In 1996, another study tested a cream on 39 people who had experienced knee surgery. Scores on a pain scale of one to ten were reduced from an average of 6.8 to 4.9. Another study in 2004, found that after only 24 hours of using a CBD based cream, all 29 participants had significantly less pain in their lower back and shoulders which they could see and feel by pressing the skin with a finger or hand.

With the first study, researchers got the participants to use 1-2 grams of oil in several applications per day over a period of 2 months. A smaller group used a CBD based cream as part of their treatment plan and showed significant improvement within 3 weeks.

The second study used a cream on 24 people who had an injury or arthritis of one or more joints. They were given a cream containing 1 gram of CBD after their injury and the CBD cream’s effect on pain was quickly seen with the majority of participants showing great improvement in their pain levels within 24 hours. This was followed with improvements in their range of movement within 3 months, and often by 6 months, even if they continued to use the treatment up to a year. This study also found that those patients who used the cream scored much better on pain scales than those patients who did not use it.

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