CBD Vape Pens: The Basics

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Traditional cigarettes work pretty simply. You just need to light the cigarettes and inhale the smoke it produces. Vape pens, on the other hand, follow a different working mechanism. However, its functionality is not hard to understand either.

The difference between these units is that vape pens have a heating element, whereas traditional cigarettes don’t.

Basically, vape pens work by heating up the tobacco, herb, oil, or juice inside the pen. The chemicals found inside the heated products change into a vapor. Therefore, every substance in the heating element would turn into vapor, including nicotine and THC, if smoking cannabis-inspired products. This makes vaping a healthier alternative to traditional smoking.

So what are the basics of CBD vaping pens?

CBD vape pens look just like the traditional pen for writing, hence the name vape pen.

They have a CBD cartridge for cannabis buds, oil, wax, or herbs. The pens come with a rechargeable battery that runs out after some time of using it. You will need to recharge the battery any time it runs out so you can use it.

These vaping devices also have a removable mouthpiece that is quite integral to the entire system. You can easily remove the mouthpiece anytime you need to clean the pen. Regular cleaning of the mouthpiece is recommended to avoid contamination and bacterial infestation.

Some advanced vaping units come with temperature adjustment buttons.

Moreover, CBD vaping pens are pretty easy to use. You can find them in various materials, designs, colors, sizes, and price ranges.

On the materials that you can use in these vaping units, there are quite plenty. You can vape various types of cannabis, dry herbs, CBD oil, waxes, juices, and other e-liquids. A majority of these are obtained from the seeds, buds, leaves, and stems of the hemp plant using various elements and methods. 

For instance, CBD oil is obtained through extraction and using ethanol or CO2. The dry herbs are mostly leaves that are plucked, crushed and dried.

Vaping, as mentioned, offers a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. There are no concerns of liver damage due to excessive smoke inhalation. Vaping CBD has even greater benefits as the compound can help relieve stress, pain, and inflammation.

Studies also show that CBD can help treat joint pains, arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. More research is being conduction to ascertain the true extent of CBD in treating several health and mental conditions.

Although vape pens have many benefits, they are not widely accepted.  Some countries and states are yet to legalize them, while others have banned their sale and use altogether. 

As an alternative, vaping enthusiasts use vape mods to vaporize cannabis and inspired products. These units look like CBD vape pens but use a smaller cartridge to hold the e-liquids. The cartridge works the same way as for vape pens. It heats the vaping contents similarly, transforming chemicals into the vapor you inhale via the provided mouthpiece.

That’s it about CBD vape pens. I hope this article has enlightened you about these devices and how you can use them to your advantage.


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