Roles and responsibilities of kindergarten teachers

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The word kindergarten is derived from German. Kindergartens are also known as preschool, where the education program is designed for children to prepare them for schooling. This kind of early education is followed as a tradition that makes children adapt to the school environment. Kindergarten plays the role of molding children through various activities and games. The activities include drawing, singing, etc. that helps in developing children’s motor skills. Kindergartens develop an interest in learning and building social skills. Parents enrol children on playschool at the age of 3 years. Even though preprimary schools are not mandatory, parents prefer to enrol their children.

What does a kinder garden do?

Kindergarten travels a long way with the overall development of the children. Preschools are the best kickstart to active learning. Teaching methods in kindergarten focuses on developing social, emotional, literacy and motor skills. Education is fed through sight, hearing, smell and touch, developing the children’s art of listening and understanding. Children learn to express themselves properly. Top kindergarten follows a special syllabus that enables the child to recognize objects, words and patterns. The teachers are the soul reason behind the effectiveness of kindergarten. You may notice that only a few teachers are available, but they play many roles.

List of roles and responsibilities of a kindergarten teacher:

Role as organizers

It is the whole responsibility of a teacher to organize the answer to the following questions:

  • What to learn?
  • Where to learn?
  • When to learn?  
  • How to learn?

The everyday schedule has to be framed differently, and it must ensure that the children make the best outcome from every hour. A teacher has to plan for strategies to infuse the knowledge in all activities. The best-organised work of teachers brings the ultimate results in children. To make the organization more interesting for children, top kindergarten provides funfilled learning tools.

Role as instructor

The main task for the kindergarten teacher is to instruct and develop classroom manners. The way of instruction must be adorable for the children. Often the teacher plan to instruct the group to develop teamwork and socialism. Usually, in kindergarten, children expose new playing tools, the teacher will instruct how to use the tool effectively.

Role as disciplinarian

Parents prefer kindergarten for their children to develop self-discipline. The teacher develops the habit of maintaining a clean classroom. Children get to know their responsibility at kindergarten.

Role as tutor

Children need help to practice many things like drawing, crafts, etc., where the teacher will guide them as a private tutor and mentor.

Role as counselor

Children will not be in the same mood all time. Sometimes children get dull and become sad a teacher councils children and bring back to normal. Due to their immaturity every day, there may be problems in adapting to the situation. It is completely the responsibility of the teacher to counsel and help them in all possible ways.

Role as Nurse and cheerleader  

Children’s must come out of hesitation for that teachers will cheer them to the possible extent. It is quite common that children to fall and get hit, the teacher has to be a nurse for all their students.

Bottom line:

The role of the kindergarten teacher is like a connecting source between children and society. They communicate closely with their students and handle everything they need.


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