Why Canada and what things are responsible for visa refusal?

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Canada study visa is not a toughest task until/unless its procedure is understood in best and right way. Undoubtedly, various Canada visa centers have been open these days but still it is significant to enhance one’s knowledge about Canada study visa. Canada is one of the vibrant and favorite countries where number of visitors love to migrate leaving behind their own countries. 

This country is not only good for education rather than the campus lifestyle is mind blowing. Apart from studies many events happen around the university. Every university has its own events and parties are organized in which students can participate. They not only concentrate on studies rather they learn about culture and get chance to involve with the multicultural people present in the university. These occasions aid students in removing the stress and work out physically. Universities not only offer unique education system but also number of extracurricular activities. These Universities can standout with their talents both university and country wise. 

Many of the universities provide free wifi facility, newspapers, journals and many more.  International students really love to enjoy different lifestyle, way of learning and pursue higher studies in Canada. If we talk about the research values is one of the important components of the graduate student.  University support the students who come out with best research ideas and scholarships are offered to student for research works. Even students can research field of values.

Students often get worried about the rejection of study visa let’s discuss some important reasons that are responsible for it- 

Insufficient funds

Adequate funds for the first year program course are main requirement for studying in Canada. If financial insufficiency is found by the immigration officer then Canada study visa is rejected. Proof of adequate finances and more than one year along with the additional documents should be included with the application.

Selection of program 

If course does not match with your academic or employment background then there are more chances of visa rejection. Incase visa officer questions at your selection of program then it can be refused.

A detailed personal statement can be attached along with the application for sorting out this issue. 

(LOA) Acceptance letter

If letter of acceptance LOA is in question then there are chances of visa rejection. Also, candidate has to fulfill the entry requirements for a particular institution. If there is any doubt in meeting the requirements then the visa will not be offered.

 English language proficiency

It is very essential for non-native students to submit the language proficiency. While applying through SDS or SPP program applicants have to submit the language proficiency proof. If a student has minimum scores for meeting this requirement then it may result in refusal of study visa.

Identity documents

If the identity documents are incomplete, not suitable to read or there are blank spaces in the travel history then also study visa for Canada gets refused. Thus, Canada study visa consultants are available to assist you.

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