Some Common Auto Transportation Problems People Face

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A car shipping car at some point does face some issues while transporting vehicles. There are lots of moving parts in the logistics that don’t go smoothly and occasionally many problems crop up. Customers are not always the reason for problems, but as a customer, you can minimize problems greatly. You have to stay informed and prepare only for better experiences.

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Common problems with Auto Transportation and How to solve it

  • Booking transport at the last minute

Sometimes booking transport at the last minute is unavoidable but this should not be the case always. It can take a day or week for a scheduling carrier to pick your vehicle. The time frame is termed as dispatch window and most providers tell you the same thing that it will take time to find the right carrier.

Lesser-known routes have fewer service providers moving in that route. Booking last minute in these routes might end up in long waiting hours. Choose to book your transport carrier at least a week before the scheduled date for any kind of hassle.

  • Not making yourself available on time

When you are planning of booking for transporting, you have to be available for the same as well as your car. Be available on the dates you booked for transport. Anytime between the window, you and your vehicle should be available. If you haven’t paid for the car that you have purchased online, you have to do that before you book your car.

After scheduling the delivery time and date, be sure that you are present there in your car. If your car is not available for days, don’t make it available on the first day itself.

  • Not getting the vehicle ready

There can be many factors when your car is not ready for shipping. There can be items in the car, and misrepresenting of the car might lead to the car not being ready for pick up. When you give dates for pick up, then you have to honor the dates and make your car ready for pick up.

You have to find a carrier that matches your time frame and 90% of the time you give. You also have to be ready for the same.

  • Misrepresenting of the vehicle

This is another common auto transportation problem that you face. Sometimes the car you are shipping has a dead battery and wrong representation stopping the shipping of the car. This can result in you not being able to load the vehicle and it will be a loss to you.


Choose the right shipping service provider to save yourself from these issues. The shipping of your car is crucial and you have to choose the best.

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