Migration of database from Oracle to MySQL

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MySQL and Oracle are both well known Database Management Systems having rich arrangement of administrative devices and programming APIs. In any case, however, Oracle has a very prohibitive licensing policy and high expense of proprietorship while MySQL goes with less prohibitive licensing and it is open source. That is the reason numerous organizations and associations are considering to relocate their databases from Oracle to MySQL

Unfortunately, the process is a rigorous one. It is not simple and a small mistake can lead to huge data loss. It is time consuming as well. It would be suggested that software that is especially designed for this process should be used to make the process easier.

Oracle to MySQL is a conversion tool designed by Intelligent Converters: a software company that has a niche in providing solutions for database conversion, migration and synchronization. The company has been working on these projects since 2001.

The Oracle to MySQL converter provides rapid data migration as it uses no intermediary libraries or components. There is direct reading and data writing. It also comes equipped with a command line version for easy automation or scheduling of database conversion. The converter can also allow merging of previously existing MySQL databases with new Oracle data. The product supports all variants of Oracle and MySQL including cloud solutions.

Likewise, the module permits to channel information by means of SELECT inquiries. With this alternative, it is feasible to choose specific segments of the tables, columns and records or even change the information prior to conversion into MySQL design. Here are a couple of instances of utilizing this element for various purposes.

  • To filter records (do as follows): SELECT * FROM MyTbl WHERE KeyColumn> 1000;
  • To Select and rename individual columns from the table: SELECT fname as `First Name` FROM people;
  • Merging two tables into one single table:

SELECT order_id, status, first_name, last_name

FROM ordersLEFT JOIN employees

ON employees.employee_id = orders.salesman_id;

The “custom column mapping” feature in the Oracle to MySQL converter can be used to change various aspects of the column of any table as well as include only columns that you want whilst editing the column type or its attributes: name, type, default value and NULL-attribute.

This tool can also be used to export the data into SQL script in case when remote connection is not possible. The database is exported into a local file that contains SQL-statements with guidelines on creating tables (with all indexes and restrictions) and to automatically fill them with data. Any one of the following tools can be used to import the script file from MySQL server:

  • MySQL console client (psql)

mysql -h host -u user –p –vvfdatabase_name<script_file

  • phpMyAdmin

(It must be recognized that phpMyAdmin only allows to import dump files into an existing MySQL database only, hence there should be no ‘CREATE DATABASE’ statement in the dump file.)

  • Select appropriate database name in the left frame of screen
  • Click ‘SQL’ tab present at the top of the screen
  • Decide and set a location for the text file according to where the dump file is present
  • Press the ‘Go’ button.


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