Various Beneficial schemes for having Girl child in India

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In India empowerment plays a major role. Today’s girls are the tomorrow grownup women, our past generation has hindrance gender inequality but the country aims to rectify the situation. The government takes various steps to educate, empower, and uplift a girl child in India. Indian government provides schemes in subsides loans, sufficient amount for marriage and higher education.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme

Indian government allocates schemes for a girl child which is progressing throughout our country. With the help of the Indian schemes, girl children are saved from society’s ills such as abortion and gender-biased and also provides education to the girl child. This scheme helps in the protection of the girl child. First of all, these schemes are targeted in districts. At the time more importance was given to the boy child than a girl. To overcome those facts these schemes were astonished in villages and later its extent to the other part of the country.

Sukanya Samiridhi Yojana

In India, there is a special savings account scheme for a girl child which is Sukanya Samiridhi Yojana. In this Scheme, a girl child can have a primary account and their parent can be the joint holder of the account. The account will be opened in a girl child’s minimal age and the contributions are paid by the government for the maxing age of the girl child. There is an option for withdrawing the amount from schemes for higher education purposes.

Balika Samridhi Yojana scheme

The government possesses a scholarship scheme which is Balika Samridhi Yojana. In this Scheme, a girl child will be given financial support, according to the family poverty line. With the help of this scheme girl child status in a society increases and girls, marriage time gets extents. The schemes help every girl child to get proper education and also a girl child reaches a provident status in society. The benefits of the scheme reach both urban and rural areas. After the birth of a newborn girl child, the mother gets a cash profit. While stepping into higher education, the girl child holds some annual scholarship amount.

Udaan Scheme of CBSE

The main aim of the scheme is, every girl child should get a prestigious higher education in schools and colleges. Udaan Scheme of CBSE provides a greater effort to better educate the girl child who is from economically backward sections. This scheme also provides a course/student material for the girl child higher education.

State government Schemes

The state government launched the scheme to help the couple financially who have one girl child. A certain amount is deposited in the newborn girl child. The amount can be collected after the girl child completes her higher education. The main aim is to create a positive attitude towards the girl child and also to prevent child marriage, feticide and make a girl child feel comforts

The above-mentioned schemes help girl children to nurture talent and skills in a different area of life. It could help them to face the country independently and be able to claim the challenges individually. Girl child in India should feel free to step forward and enrich their status in society.

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