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Admission in one of the reputed engineering colleges in India is an aspiration many students harbour. IIT is a dream destination for Indian engineering aspirants. Apart from the prestigious IIT, there are many other top private engineering colleges in Bangalore. Almost every engineering college requires you to appear in one of the entrance examinations and score a high rank to get admission into your choice of engineering stream. Given the fact that innumerable aspirants are competing for the limited number of engineering seats in esteemed colleges, you’ll need to prepare really hard and put in your best effort to get a seat for yourself. You’ll have to come up with an effective plan and successfully execute it to achieve the results you desire. Read on to check out some important tips to pass entrance exams and successfully land that coveted engineering seat in a college of repute.

Tips to crack Engineering Entrance Exams

  1. Prepare a Schedule for Study: Planning is key to success! With an action plan in hand, you’ll have the clarity and commitment to work towards your goal. Preparing a timetable for your study schedule and other to-do things is the first step you may take. Sticking to it dutifully day after day is the next step. Ensure you divide your time between studies and leisure to give you the motivation to follow the timetable for success. Divide your syllabus into manageable portions and prioritise the topics giving enough time for reading, understanding, internalising and practising so you are thorough. Regular revisions and testing your progress by working on engineering entrance exam practice questions builds your confidence and takes you closer to success.
  1. Collect all Information beforehand: Having all the necessary information, means and tools in hand lets you make effective use of your time and prevents distraction. It is a good idea to collate all the information related to engineering entrance exams such as syllabus, course material, examination pattern and expected examination schedule for your understanding and convenience.
  1. Go through previous year question papers: Attempting engineering test questions from previous years’ question papers will give you a fair idea of the difficulty level and your ability to solve them. It will also help you mould your preparation accordingly giving you a better chance at cracking the engineering entrance exams and scoring a higher rank. The more question papers you solve, the better you get at them. Plus an insight into the types of questions, weightage of different syllabus areas and your speed in attempting the question paper is invaluable for your success at the real event. You also get to identify your weak spots, allowing you to focus your energy in the right direction.
  1. Attempt online mock test: Mock entrance exams are practice papers prepared on the basis of the latest exam pattern and syllabus. They may be understood as a simulation of the actual exam and come in real handy to help students gauge their preparedness. Based on your performance in the mock entrance exams, you may tweak your preparation or devote more time and effort towards a particular topic where you seem to be not great at the moment.
  1. Do Constant Practice and Revision: Practice makes you perfect! You can never have enough practice, there is always scope for more. Revise the syllabus and important topics as many times as you can before the big day. Work on your time management to attempt the maximum number of questions in the engineering entrance exam successfully. Also adopt effective revision techniques to improve your learning and outcome. There is no shortcut to success and consistency is the key to being able to give your best at the entrance examinations. Focus on your goal to get into the engineering stream of your choice at your preferred college and you will realise the worth of your hard work.

Admission to CMRIT

CMR Institute of Technology is a prestigious choice for any engineering aspirant. It is one of the top private engineering colleges in Bangalore that imparts quality, pragmatic engineering education to create successful technological professionals who will contribute to the growth and development of the country and society at large.  Admission is based on the candidate qualifying in the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (K-CET)  / Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)/ All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE).

All the tips we shared above hold true for admission to CMRIT too. Start early, manage your time effectively, stick to your schedule, focus on subject matter, accuracy and speed and revise and practice. Last but not the least, believe in yourself and give your best, and there is absolutely nothing in the world that you can’t achieve. All the very best!

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