Different Types of Pencils

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A Pencil is a tool for writing on paper. As a tool for writing, the pencil developed are made of different types and these types of pencils were invented for different uses. You should make sure you are buying the best colored pencils for your children.

Graphite pencils and Solid graphite pencils

The graphite pencils are the standard everyday pencils with a core of clay and graphite of clay and graphite. They have many levels of darkness, which are achieved with different ratios of graphite and clay, and a variety of uses. It is also known as woodless pencils. It is related to standard graphite pencils but without a wood casing. They are used for drawing which allows for coverage of large areas and also has multiple levels of darkness.

Color pencils

A writing and drawing instrument which is made of colored pastels, charcoal, chalk, or other material. Some of these best colored pencils are often used for drawing and coloring by children. They are simple to use, non-toxic, and available in a different range of colors. The Core is wooden as with standard graphite pencils. They are easy to use.

Specialized pencils  

The mechanical pencil use mechanism to push lead through a hole at the end. They use special leads and can be of different darkness like standard graphite pencils can. They are used for both writing and technical drawing. The mechanical pencil is produced with a plastic or metal frame. These pencils use replaceable graphite cartridges. Automatic pencils use thinner graphite bars which is used to obtain thinner lines.

Charcoal pencils and Carbon pencils

The charcoal pencils are shaped like sticks and it is made of charcoal. It is normally used in art. charcoal pencils are black and darker than graphite pencils. The carbon pencils are made of a mixture of clay and lampblack. Their darkness shifts with mixing with charcoal or graphite. They are darker than pencils but smoother than charcoal pencils.

Grease pencils

The grease pencil is a wax writing pencil. It is also known as a wax pencil or chinagraph pencil. It is a pencil made of hardened colored wax and is useful for marking hard, non-porous surfaces. Such surfaces include glass, rock, plastic, ceramics and other polished surfaces, and metal. Due to its ability to write on glass, it is often used to mark glassware. It is also used to label lighting gels. It is often used as a construction tool as it scratches the surface it is used on. It is used to mark a wet surface. 

Carpenter’s pencils 

The Carpenter’s pencils are made of strong graphite and in an oval body. They are durable, not to break easily, and not to roll off the desk.

Copying pencil and Erasable color pencils

The copying pencil has dye that can write like a normal pencil. But, when water is added to the mark that is left on the paper it dissolves and can be copied to the other paper. These are the color pencils that can be erased. They are mostly used for sketching and animation.

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